In 1789, Antoine Courtois’ father creates the first family-run worship for manufacturing instruments during the french revolution in Paris rue Mazarine. Located in what is know how as the Latin quarter of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. 


Website: https://www.a-courtois.com/en/


At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the manufacture of band instruments was little more than a cottage industry. Individual craftsmen made such items as key bugles, serpents and ophiecleides, most of them from materials other than brass.

At that time a business was founded in Paris and subsequently established in London, which was destined to become famous throughout the world for the excellence of its brass instruments and whose name, so easily pronounced in all tongues, became synonymous with its product.

This famous name is Besson.

Website: https://www.besson.com/en/


Meinl-Weston Tubas have been the benchmark of German craftsmanship for decades.


On December 5th, 2012, Buffet Group made the acquisition of B&S Group (B&S, Hans Hoyer, Melton Meinl Weston, J. Scherzer).

Today the company trades as Buffet Crampon Deutschland GmbH and is a world leader in multi-instrument groups. Especially in the two home markets of Germany and France, we are the leader for step-up and professional brass instruments. By fulfilling the highest artistic demands, our instruments have found their way into the famous orchestras in the world. Thanks also to very strong and personal relationships with a variety of artists and musicians, we incorporate their professional knowledge and advice in our production process. So we reach an optimum response and intonation, coupled together with a complete full sound.

Website: https://www.melton-meinl-weston.com/en/


Website: https://www.b-and-s.com/en/

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Established 2013 in Philadelphia, PA., by Chinese-born bass trombonist Mr. Sun He, Ultimate Brass started as a brass instrument repair studio and later became an innovative company that designs and makes brass instrument mouthpieces, trombones, trumpets, and brass instrument accessories.

Website: https://www.ultbrass.com/


Thein-Brass was founded in 1974 by Heinrich Thein and Max Thein, brothers from an old and large family of musicians.

In 1971 they started designing, developing and building fine brass and percussion instruments in an old house from the 14th century in Bremen's wonderful historical "Schnoorviertel". More than a thousand handmade individual pieces were made at this location. They developed a complete brass collection from piccolo trumpet to tuba, from trombone to french horn, all customer instruments and often customized to the player.



Qian Ni, an accomplished flutist from Beijing, founded Eastman Strings in 1992 after graduating from the Boston University School of Music. He never imagined that over the course of 25 years, the company would grow from a small business operated out of the back of his car into a global maker of musical instruments.

From the first student instrument to the professional heirloom, Eastman Music Company is committed to crafting the finest instruments for musicians throughout the world.